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Carpets & Upholstery

Extend the life of your carpets and upholstery by having them professionally dry steam cleaned, with much quicker drying times than conventional methods. The dry steam system will help to eradicate dust mites, which can be found wherever dust gathers

Leather Upholstery

Let us clean and protect the beauty of your leather furniture. Whilst there is a temptation to use domestic cleaning products on your leather furniture, please be aware that you could cause lasting damage. Instead, let Diamond Dry Steam Clean identify your particular type of leather, and then clean and protect it using safe and effective cleaning products. We have been trained, and are supplied by LTT Leathercare, who are Europe’s leading training and product supplier to leather care specialists.


Dry steam is highly effective on mattresses and pillows for killing dust mites and removing allergens. Dust mites, or bed bugs as they are more commonly known, are invisible to the naked eye. There can be tens of thousands of dust mites living and breeding in a mattress, and it is their faeces which cause allergic reactions. Even regular vacuuming won’t solve the problem, as without adequate filters, the allergens are simply released into the air, which could matters worse. Therefore, it is important to deep clean mattresses regularly, especially as dust mites can and do return.

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